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34 Morning Side

About Us

34 Morning Side Hotel & Resort, your serene haven adjacent to the Governor House at Kashmir Point, Murree. The walk around the Governor's House offers an unparalleled experience, beautifully lit during the night, providing a safe and hassle-free environment. Nestled amidst breathtaking hills, our hotel offers unparalleled comfort and stunning views.
Experience refined hospitality where luxury meets nature's tranquility. Escape the everyday hustle and discover an unforgettable retreat at 34 Morning Side Hotel & Resort. Indulge in our exquisite dining options, featuring local and international cuisine prepared by our expert chefs. Our warm and attentive staff is dedicated to making your stay truly memorable, ensuring every moment is infused with comfort and elegance.
We offer 14 luxurious suites, each designed with separate bedrooms, sitting areas, dining areas, and fully equipped kitchens. These spacious suites provide unparalleled openness and comfort, making them perfect for families to relax and enjoy their stay together.

Experience the Serenity of Murree Hills

Escape to the enchanting beauty of Murree, a captivating hill station known for its lush green hills, misty mornings, and stunning landscapes. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Murree offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure. Stay at 34 Morning Side Hotel & Resort - the best hotel in murree and wander through pine forests, take in panoramic views from Pindi Point and Kashmir Point, or explore the vibrant Mall Road with its quaint shops and local delicacies. Visit the serene Patriata (New Murree) for a thrilling chairlift and cable car ride, offering spectacular views. Murree's pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Discover the magic of Murree and create unforgettable memories at 34 Morning Side Hotel & Resort, your perfect retreat in this hill station paradise.

Amenities & Facilities

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

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Central-Heating System

Experience ultimate comfort with our state-of-the-art central heating system, ensuring a warm and cozy stay no matter the season. Enjoy the perfect indoor climate tailored just for you.

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In-House Cinema

Relax and unwind in our in-house cinema, where you can enjoy the latest movies in a comfortable and intimate setting. Enhance your stay with top-notch entertainment just steps from your room.

In-House Restaurant

Savor delectable cuisine at our in-house restaurant, offering a diverse menu crafted from the finest ingredients. Delight in a memorable dining experience without leaving the comfort of the hotel.

Our Inside Pictures

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in our premises.

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